There is a wave of startups and businesses going on in the country.

Startups are now attracting the youth instead of jobs.

Due to the startup boom, today there are more than 100 unicorn companies in the country.

But there is darkness behind this glitter of a startup.

Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani shed light on this darkness and said-

That startups have too much money is also a curse.

Due to getting more money, startups start spending their funds on unnecessary things.

Do not manage your funds and suffer losses later.

There is a lot of enthusiasm in today's youth, which has to be channelized at the right place.

It should be known whether the founders want to form a company or an institution.

If you want to build an institution, then you have to work honestly by reducing your expenses.

Infosys has been working for the last 40 years, will today's startups survive for so many years?

Nandan Nilekani said that only these things bother him.

Due to the exorbitant expenses of startups, now investors are investing wisely.

Companies are also laying off their employees so that their expenses can be reduced and they can remain profitable.